Dungeon of Atlantis is a procedurally-generated infinite 2D dungeon crawler. Featuring fully-randomized floors, rooms packed full of adorable pixel-art enemies, and three unique bosses to battle, Dungeon of Atlantis challenges players to battle their way through as many floors as they can.

This game was coded in Unity by @squidmyers33, @someBadRam, @ZAG852, and Cass. It features original sound and music by @Rioter00 and art by @squidmyers33.


Dungeon of Atlantas_Expo_AI.zip 40 MB
DungeonsOfAtlantis.zip 35 MB


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I'd change a few things: I'd add doors so that rooms are locked until enemies are beaten and I'd improve some visuals adding shadows/highlights to better indicate wall direction.